Get Started with Universal Converter!

Universal Converter is designed to be hobbyist friendly and fully open source. There are number of possible combinations shown here will help you get yours work!

The Universal Converter is designed to work with Arduino UNO (5V or 3V3 Logic Level), Adafruit Feather (3V3) and Texas Instruments LaunchPad & BoosterPack (3V3) development boards.

Click for GitHub page!

Universal Converter is also in GitHub, you can follow and share your comments/ideas.

Universal Converter V0.1 - Schematic
Universal Converter V0.1 - PCB Top
Universal Converter V0.1 - PCB Bottom
Universal Converter V0.1 - Top Side Dimension
Universal Converter V0.1 - Bottom Side Dimension

License Info

The Universal Converter converter design is licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License.

This documentation is licensed under the Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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